Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning "News" Shows

In the morning while I am getting ready for work, I usually turn on some morning news show for about 10 minutes while I eat a bowl of cereal. I then religiously proceed to get angry at the fact that there is never any news being reported on these news shows. I don't have cable so I am limited to The Today Show, The Early Show and Good Morning America. Flipping back and forth between the three, desperately searching for some sort of real news I am bombarded with stories like "TV anchor reveals heartbreak of infertility", "William and Kate: sign the royal guest book", "Lindsay Lohan could be jailbird...again", "Lady Gaga's Condom Inspired Outfit" and "Finally! Burgers and Fries that are good for you". When I get to work I then go to a couple of online news outlets like Reuters BBC and The Wall Street Journal only to discover that there really were news worthy things which happened in the world like "Oil surges to $120 a barrel", "Rebels tighten grip on Libya as western cities fall", "GM first profitable year since 2004" and "Assange loses extradition fight". So why is it that the morning news is nothing more than one fluff piece after another? Is this really what americans prefer? If so, this is really a sad reflection of our myopic interest.

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