Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reason tv's Nanny of the month

I love vacations. It is the one time during the year I feel that I can truly relax. Cancun is beautiful as always. Frolicking on the beach, laying out by the pool, shopping, eating, catamaran, catching up on my reading, and hanging out with my girl. Doesn't get much better than this. Since the hotel has an Internet connection in the lobby, it is also a chance for me to do a little blogging. So with Jennifer sleeping upstairs and my trusty iPad in hand, here we go.

Being somewhat libertarian minded, I really enjoy reason tv. They do a short piece they call "Nanny of the month" where they showcase various government officials proposing silly things to keep you from being able to make you own decisions. Below are a few that I pulled from YouTube which I thought were pretty entertaining:

Harry Reid vs Prostitution

Super nanny Carl Kruger’s hatred of iPods

Loser control freaks on city council vs live entertainment?

Idiot police chief vs flags which could be used as deadly weapons?

San Francisco food cops

Veggie haters

Commissioner of human rights vs ladies nights

Major moron NY State Representative proposes BAN on Salt

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