Monday, June 25, 2012

Fan Film: Grayson

Ok, since Batman isn't even in this one, I guess it technically isn't a Batman fan film.  But it does take place in the D.C. universe and Batman's death is the central point of the plot so I think it is fair to include it.

Grayson is a 2004 fan film made by John Fiorella.  It is presented as a trailer to feature film but in actuality, there is no such film, and as far as I can tell, nor was there ever any intention to make such a film.  The plot, I believe, is meant to be foggy, leaving it up to the viewers imagination to fill in the gaps.  What is apparent though is that Batman has been murdered and his former side kick Dick Grayson (a now retired Robin) is unhappy with the investigation and is determined to solve the mystery surrounding his death and to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.  Along the way he is confronted by various super villains and heroes in the D.C. universe.  An impressive effort given that it was produced with a budget of only $18,000.

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