Monday, November 12, 2012

Lewis Lavoie's Mural Mosaics

The astounding mural mosaic paintings of Canadian artist Lewis Lavoie. Mural Mosaic is a process that takes individual paintings and places them in a specific order to create a large painting.  It is staggering the amount of creativity that goes into each piece.  It should be noted that some of these projects are completed entirely by Lewis Lavoie while other are done in collaboration with numerous artist in a community effort.

Adam by Lewis Lavoie

Buffalo Twins by Lewis Lavoie & 270 other artist

Cultivate Life by Lewis Lavoie & 145 other artist

Close up of Cultivate Life

Le Cadeau Du Cheval "The Horse Gift" Lewis Lavoie & 173 other artist

Close up of Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Click here to check out Lavoie's website where you can see a completed project from a distance and then zoom in to to view the individual paintings.

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