Monday, June 24, 2013


Treehotel is certainly not your typical 'cabin in the woods' resort. Located in Harads, near the Lule river in Northern Sweden, Treehotel combines contemporary design with the tranquility of nature. Currently, there are five unique rooms available with plans to build twenty four in total.

Most would agree that Treehotel's spotlight room is the Mirrorcube. Designed by architects Tham & Videgård, this cozy 4x4x4 meter room provides a double bed, small bathroom, living space and rooftop terrace.

Bird's Nest
Covered in branches and sticks, the Bird's Nest, as the name implies, looks like it is home to some enormous  feathered creature. Designed by Inredningsgruppen, the room is 17 square meters and can accommodate up to four guests with a double bed, two bunk beds, small bathroom and living space.

At 24 square feet, the Cabin is the second largest room available at Treehotel. Designed by Cyrén & Cyrén, the Cabin is located at the top of a steep slope which provides for an amazing view. It has a double bed, small bathroom, living space and rooftop deck.

Blue Cone
Designed by SandellSandberg, the Blue Cone is certainly the most traditional room at Treehotel. Based on simplicity and accessibility the 22 square meters room has four beds, separate sleeping loft, bathroom and living room.

The UFO is Treehotel's most recent addition. Creatively designed by Inredningsgruppen to provide an otherworldly experience, it has a double bed, two smaller curved beds, bathroom, and living area. At 30 square meters it is the largest room currently available.

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