Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paleofuture: Past Visions of the Future

As described on Wikipedia "Paleofuture (also Paleo-Future) is a blog that documents historical ideas, visions, and predictions about the future". It was created by Matt Novak back in 2007 as part of a college writing assignment. Since then, Novak has become somewhat of an expert on the subject having written articles for the BBC and The Daily.

Paleofuture has gone through many incarnations, all of which are still accessible on the internet. There is the original blogger site here, the site here, the Smithsonian site here, and the current Gizmodo site here

The following are a few past visions of the future that I found interesting.

Going to the Opera - Albert Robida (circa 1882)

Harry Grant Dart (circa 1900)

1957 Power Companies Ad

1925 Postcard

Rocketman by donaldtheduckie

Mobile home of the future 1934

Future Style - 1939 Vogue Magazine

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