Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ron Mueck: Larger (And Smaller) Than Life Sculptures

London based sculptor Ron Mueck creates works which are both real and impossible. The incredible detail would probably cause one to momentarily guess whether they were looking at a sculpture or a real person if it weren't for the fact that most (if not all) of his work is out of scale. Beyond that I suppose it is up to the viewer to give each piece additional meaning as the artist doesn't provide obvious explanations. To me, when you look at his work collectively, there is an overarching cycle of life theme. We're born, we grow, live, think and feel. We grow old, contemplate, reflect and die...

Mask II (2001). Photo by Henry Romero

Boy (1999). Photo by Tamaki Sono

Spooning Couple (2005)

Spooning Couple

Big Man (2000)

Woman With Sticks (2008). Photo by  thomas salva / lumento

Woman with Sticks

Old Woman In Bed (2000)

A Girl (2006)

Youth (2009)

Drift (2009). Photo by David Levene

Photo by David Levene

Two Women (2005)

In Bed (2005)

Couple Under An Umbrella (2013). Photo by Thomas Salva/Lumento

Couple Under An Umbrella. Photo by Thomas Salva/Lumento

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