Thursday, May 19, 2016

Atlas Playing Cards

Atlas playing cards by designed by Ember Waves. As described in his kickstarter campaign:

The Atlas deck is inspired by the ability for mankind to build on the backs of giants and venture out into the universe. In Greek Mythology, "Atlas" was at the edge of world, in reality it was the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean derives its very name from the Mythological being "Atlas" Titan of Strength and to me it represents how the human heart yearns to find what is lurking in the unknown.

We can now look back and see that the Atlantic Ocean wasn't the edge of the earth but just the beginning. We thought the moon was an impossible feat and now we prepare to venture to Mars and Beyond. Curiosity drives us, as a society, and as a unified people looking for new horizons to conquer. This deck is all about that search and the yearning that burns within us all.

The look and feel of this deck has been inspired by the beautiful Old World Maps that continuously have been updated through the centuries. Its a nod to the artists that had the daunting task of mapping out new worlds with what we consider today to be ancient and inferior technologies. Each generation improved on its predecessor and not surprisingly we had a nearly perfect world map before the dawn of the industrial revolution.

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