Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Omni Magazine

When I was a boy, sometime between the ages of maybe 8 to 11, I remember my father had a subscription to a science/science fiction magazine called Omni.  It was a strange blend of articles about science, futurism, the paranormal, sci-fi stories and fantastic art. Each issue was like a doorway to another world filled with strange creatures and bizarre landscapes.  It had a style which was endemic of the times, combining the older new wave movement in science fiction with the developing cyber punk genre.

It also had a pretty good run with it's first issue published in October of 1978 and the last in Winter of 1995.  After that it ran as a webzine from 1996 to 1998.  Other Omni related media included a short run television show called Omni: The New Frontier, Omni comics, and a series of music CD's.  What follows is a selective taste of what Omni was about.

Magazine Covers


Short Stories
Here are links to some of the short stories published in Omni which later became classics of the sci-fi genre.
George R. R. Martin: Sandkings

Here are a few of the songs which were on the first of the Omni series of CD's.
Ray Lynch: The Oh of Pleasure

Mars Lasar: The Eleventh Hour

David Arkenstone: Rain

Omni: The New Frontier

Addendum 05/16/13
Just discovered that you can now view almost the entire run of Omni magazine here.


  1. I was also in my pre-teen year's when I first discovered Omni Magazine in my fathers room. I read the article about the Philistines and their subconsciousness activity during dreams. I fell in love with it.

    1. Looking at your Google+ page it seems we had a similar upbringing as far as music is concerned as well (Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, The Smiths, etc)!