Monday, August 6, 2012

Pamukkale, Turkey

These aren't images of snow and ice covered landscapes.  They're actually the amazing terraces of Pamukkale (cotton castle in Turkish) which are the result of mineral deposits from the hot spring waters which flow over them.


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Image from Samyeli Travel

Many older pictures depict vacationers lounging about in the various natural pools.  Heavy traffic and abuse from these tourist had caused considerable damage.  Also, hotels built around the site had redirected the spring water away from the travertines to support their own spas.  This caused many of the pools to dry up.  In an effort to reverse the damage, some of the hotels were torn down and restrictions were established on which areas tourist are allowed to walk in.

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Having been a popular health spa for thousands of years, Pamukkale is also home to the ancient city of Hierapolis.  What an enchanting combination the two make.  I imagine a past setting of Romans laying about and bathing in the various terraced pools.  Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to see it in person.

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